Ride the School Bus


Click for VideoRiding the Bus to and From School


Riding the Bus To School (1 page)

Riding the Bus to School

Riding the Bus Home (1 page)

Riding the Bus Home



Going to the Bathroom At School

Click for VideoGoing to the Bathroom At School


Bathroom at School 1 page

Bathroom at School 1

Bathroom at School 2

Bathroom- NON verbal child



Going to the School Nurse

Video- for the non verbal child

Viviting the School Nurse

 Going to the Nurse at School  

 Video for the verbal child

Going to the School Nurse for the Verbal Child- Spectrum Keys Video Modeling Tool



Choice Time vs. Work Time

 VIDEO- Free Time In Early Childhood Class (PreK-3)

Things to Choose in Early Childhood Education preK to 3rd


Free Choice Time 

Free Choice Time (full)

Choice Vs. Must  1

Choice Vs. Must 2

Choice vs. Must 3

Must Always Do

Sometimes Must Do



Walking In the Halls



 Walk Directly to Class ( from bus)

Walk Directly to Class (drop off - single)

Walk Directly to Class (drop off)

Walking Feet or Running Feet



Eating in the  Cafeteria

Lunch Line Video- This Film is Being Edited

This Film is Being Edited



Breakfast at School (single page)


Eating Breakfast at School

Bag Lunch Basic


Cafeteria Bag Lunch

Hot Lunch Basic 1

Hot Lunch Basic 2. 

Hot Lunch in the Cafeteria



Talking In Class



Calling Across the Room (single)

Calling Across the Room (longer)

Raising My Hand



Recess & Playtime 

Play Ground Rules Video - Being Edited

This Film is Being Edited


Outside Recess

Inside Recess

No Toys in School -single page

 Toys Stay Home/ No Toys in School

Playground Rules -coming soon

Safe Around Swings - coming soon



  Schedule & Routine


Videos in Planning:

  • Vacation Time
  • Weekend
  • Clean Up
  • Listen to the Bell


Hear the Bell- Line Up

Hear the Bell- Sit on Rug

Hear the Bell- Sit in Chair



Teacher Tools 

First- Then Board

How To Design a Consequence Board

If /Then Consequence Board Example

If /  Then Consequence Board Blank

Color Coded Count Down Board

Fire Drill Preparation (single page)

Fire Drill Preparation (longer)

Excuse me & Thank You

Cover Your Sneeze Poster




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