Video Modeling

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Knock on a Friends Door/ Answer My Door

Knocking on the Door when visiting a friends house

Giving or Getting a Gift

Giving or Getting a Present From a Friend

 Sharing My Things

Sharing My Things- Video Mdeling with Spectrum Keys


Cake & Candles at a Birthday Party

Cake and Candle at a Birthday Party- video modeling helps children learn the social rules

Turn- Taking in Game Play

Taking Turns during play- video modeling by Spectrum Keys

Pretend Play

Pretend Play - Learning social skills and communication through video modeling

Talking Together 
Staying on Topic, Turn Taking and Shared Regard

Talking Together - Staying on Topic, Turn Taking and Shared Regard

Feeling Anger-  Short Version

Feeling Anger Video - Short version

  Playing " Go Fish" with Friends

PLAY "Go Fish" with friends


Feeling Love - Short Version

Feeling Love Video - Short version

Sharing Pez®  with Friends

Sharing a Pez® - Video Mdeling with Spectrum Keys


When Friends are Angry

This Film is Being Edited


Videos In Process:
  •  Asking for Help From a Stranger
  • Saying "Hi"


Visuals and Stories - Friends, Family & Communication

 Asking Questions

Ask to ShareAsk Questions

Ask for Something 



 Excuse Me  and Thank You

When I Pass Gas (single page)

When I Pass Gas


 Say "Hi"

Use my words -  angry (short)

Use my words- angry


Piano Rules 
Piano Poster1 (Banging) Piano Poster 2 (Elbows)  
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